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We are specialized in providing Installation, technical consulting services and custom engineered products to the Marine, Offshore and Energy industries, applying advanced methods and technologies.

  • Fire detection System
  • Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Cargo Control & I.G. Systems
  • Bilge System
  • Temperature Monitoring System
  • Safety and Protection Systems
  • Sewage Systems
  • Anchor & Winch systems
  • Blower – Exhaust System
  • Navigational System – AC and DC panel
  • P A Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Monitoring Panel
  • Davit Systems etc.
  • Switches in TDI Unit (Thrust Direction, Pitch angle, Propeller and Speed indication)
  • Steering control (360 degree)
  • Propulsive force control by Aqua Pilot
  • Propeller RPM control
  • Secondary steering (located in Aqua Master control unit)
  • Aqua Pilot steering
  • Clutch control
  • Overload protection
  • Bridge control and electronic indication devices
  • Aqua Master alarm points
  • Feedback and pitch angle transmitter '0' - direction settings
  • Operation of Handheld terminal
  • E.P. Converter Control System (to adjust RPM and Pneumatic System)