In-Situ Repairing Services

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The company has a full range of turning, grinding, honing and super finishing machines to cover all forms and sizes of crankpin and main journal bearings of four and two stoke diesel engines.

We undertake the following IN-SITU Works.

  • Crankshaft In-Situ Grinding
  • Line boring of engine block.
  • Laser alignment check.
  • Vibration Check and Analysis.
  • Connecting Rod Calibration & Repair Services
  • Line Boring of Blocks Services
  • In-situ Machining Services
  • Turbine and Alternator Journal Services
  • Metal Stitching
  • Surface Milling

Our teams have the most advanced design machine tools and measuring equipment in pursuit of excellence in this very exacting and precise on site crankshaft refurbishment activity. We work closely with our end user engineers and managers to ensure that all in-situ machining projects are managed well and that all engineering working tolerances are fully met.